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About the Narghileh

Mya acrylic narghileh is one of the best seller in the world. Customers can build their own narghileh by selecting base color, stem design, hose color, and burner color. Acrylic narghileh is an affordable quality product for everyday use.

We at Mya Sydney pride ourselves to selling the highest quality of Narghilehs and promise that our customers will be equally satisfied and impressed with our products.

Tobacco Burner:
The most elevated part of the Narghileh made out of Clay and Ceramic the tobacco burner comes in different colors and designs. The burner is made of clay because it holds the tobacco and the charcoal is placed above, thus the clay head allows for good distribution of the heat and at the same time it remains strong and sturdy.

Sits beneath the head and prevents the dropping of any pieces of charcoal or smoke to the ground. It also comes in two different colors silver or gold and is made from 18/8 stainless steel that never rusts either.

New fashion hoses, covered with colored leather with two wooden ends. One connects into the tube and the other one is used for smoking. The hoses are made of durable material and thus can be rinsed with soap and water from the inside after each use so as to prevent any residue build up from smoking. Hoses are produced from excellent quality leather that does not emit any odor, while the interior metal tube does not rust ever and can be maintained by simply rinsing it clean.

This is the piece of metal that connects to the vase on one end and the head on the other end. It connects using the rubber attachments to allow for tightness and comes in different sizes, colors, and lengths. It is the most integral part of the Narghileh as it holds it all together. The stem is customarily designed of stainless steel to prevent rusting after being submerged in water during smoking. Additionally cleaning is easy, simply rinse with soap and water.

The only glass portion of the Narghileh, it resembles a vase and comes in different styles, shapes, colors and sizes. The vase holds the water and is made of the finest glass, it usually has very intricate design and looks quite ornamental. We offer three types of vases the glass vase hand made from Bohemian glass, the crystal vase made from 24%PBO hand made Bohemian crystal, and the acrylic vase. Vases are normally etched by hand with gold or platinum.

Silver or gold tongs used to manipulate the charcoal.

Pieces of grommets are used to assemble the various parts of the Narghileh to allow for tightness and prevent any odors or leaking. They replace the commonly used pieces of fabric or paper to obtain the same results.

Carrying Case:
To mobilize the Narghileh we thought of our customers' comfort and convenience by designing a carrying case made out of either Wood or ABS to suit everyone's taste. Cases come in different shapes, sizes and colors to fit your Narghileh.

MYA Sydney takes pride in all our Nargile products. You will not be disappointed!
Contact the team at MYA Sydney for all your giftware and Nargile needs.
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